Monday, May 23, 2011

Youth A.D. - Meat Processing

Monday, May 16, 2011

Youth A.D. on Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1

Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1 is a compilation that features local and national acts from the Industrial, Goth, EBM and Alternative underground scenes. This compilation is a digital-only release that features thirty one unique songs that will open both your ears and minds to the music of the underground. Whether you’re already a fan, or you’re looking to expand your horizons, Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1 is a guaranteed way to plunge yourself deep into the underground.
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The artists featured on this compilation have provided permission to feature their song(s) on Industrial Wasteland: Volume 1 and on the websites provided for download in connection with this compilation. Each band/artist/act reserve their own individual rights to the song(s) they contributed to this compilation.

1.   Sonik Foundry – The Wakening (Redemption Remix) [Maine, USA]
2.   Diverje – Suffer This World (Destructed by Ðetuned Ðestruction) [New Mexico, USA)
3.   Carfax Abbey - Evisceration [Pennsylvania, USA]
4.   Virus Cycle – Alice In Zombieland [Massachusetts, USA]
5.   Produkt – Decay [New York, USA]
6.   Septron – Koma [Germany]
7.   The Shanklin Freakshow – Noir Soleil [England]
8.   End of an Era – The Walking Dead [New Jersey, USA]
9.   Devil-M – Hold Me [Germany]
10.  Obsidian Radioactive – First Strike is Imminent [Greece]
11.  Streak – Fade [Massachusetts, USA]
12.  8 Digital – Skin and Bone [Canada]
13.  Übermensch – The Razor Skyline (Skull Crusher Stomp Mix 150) [Florida, USA]
14.  Atomic Neon – Follow (E-Mixery) [Germany]
15.  Ghost In The Static – Downer [England]
16.  God Shaped Void – Stay [Pennsylvania, USA]
17.  9th Evolution – Say Cleanse [Florida, USA]
18.  Schultz – Human Body [France]
19.  Rabbit at War – Hasenhatz [Germany]
20.  Ðetuned Ðestruction – Fire Sale [Germany]
21.  Youth A.D. – State of Terror [Serbia]
22.  Flesh Eating Foundation – So Yeah (Beta Version) [England]
23.  Black Wedding – Control (Stripped Mix) [New York, USA]
24.  Mortuus Ortus – Six Feet to Success [New Hampshire, USA]
25.  Droid Sector Decay – Everything Has Collapsed… [Greece]
26.  Dyskhord – YCIC? [Arizona, USA]
27.  Beatbox Machinery – Fighting Industrial of the Metallic Bolt [Greece]
28.  LaCaducidad – Followed [Germany]
29.  Misanthrope Insect – Arial Code [Germany]
30.  Microwaved – Worthless (featuring Sean ‘Satyr’ Tracy of Produkt) [Iowa, USA]
31.  AbSYNth Backlash – Broken [Indiana, USA]

Thursday, May 12, 2011

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