.:about Youth A.D.:.

Youth A.D. is an industrial  project from Serbia that started with producing noise since year 2000.
The beginnings where humble and they requested a lot of sweat, discipline and hard work.
Music influence comes from various different styles but old school industrial is primary to the sound of Youth A.D.

Year 2008. was fertile for the work of Youth A.D. because the project joint work with CyberfArts label, Dark:Scene collective and Independent Dark Electronics. Many great things came out of that, such as various collaborations, albums and compilations.
During that year project was on following compilations:
-Dark:Scene volume 3
-Corrosive Fumes
-Fusion Mutation
-Dark:Scene volume 7
Debut album MH:MKULTRA was published by CyberfArts label from Belgium and you can order it here.

If you want to listen to some of the tracks or to watch videos of Youth A.D. you can visit this page.